Roe Tip #1

An interesting thought came to me right before falling asleep the other night –

I’m going to start making “Roe Tips” (as opposed to Bro/Pro Tips) which essentially will be pointers on how to live/function in the world as a post-grad “adult”. Some serious, perhaps some humorous. It should be a blast. After all, this blog is called “Roe Knows Best”. It’s about time I started sharing my advice based off my experiences. Here’s #1:

Roe Tip #1: Make a To-Do List

Sometimes post-grad life can seem so daunting, you may not know where to start. Closing the proverbial book on academia and higher ed can feel like that relief you get when you shed off a heavy backpack from your shoulders – except the bag weighs 1000 pounds and you don’t have to put it back on ever again. Nice, right? Yes. But now let’s move on to other things that must be done. Life must continue.

Today’s To-Do List

Sometimes I make to-do lists for the next day before I go to sleep, sometimes I pen them down after breakfast the morning of. It helps me put my day into perspective and organize my time so I don’t waste it; Just because I’m not employed or going to school doesn’t mean I sit home all day watching TV! (Or want to, for that matter. Though a little bit here and there is nice)

I help my Nonna with her morning routine, try to get a walk in, work on eBaying things, vacuum, read for an hour, practice guitar, sometimes make dinner, bake, do laundry, listen to The Kinks, go to open mic, watch the football game. Things like that.

I even put silly things on there like “Make bed”, “Get dressed”, “Brush teeth” just because it feels good to cross off! I try to put it chronologically, but sometimes when there’s a lot to be done, order doesn’t matter. It’s the crossing off that counts, and feels good at the end of the day. When you put it all down on paper, you get to see your goals and necessary tasks all laid out. And if you don’t get to all of them, that’s okay! There’s always tomorrow.

And if you happen to prefer the 1s and 0s of your friendly computer word processor (or smartphone notepad), go for it! In some respects I tend to be more analog and this is one of them; I love pen and paper for things like this. Crossing things off just feels so nice.

Make a to-do list, guys! Keeps your mind at ease and you always have a point of reference throughout your day!

Interview Blues and Golds

I never knew having an interview go so shitty could make me feel so much better about myself (I must do this more often).

But seriously, I intend to.

Let’s just hope it goes a little bit better next time.

See, I’m an interview-newbie; Fresh-outta-college-grad who’s just starting to get her bearings together, slowly but surely beginning to understand how to live in the world. I’m more willing nowadays, too.

Let’s do this thing, you know?

So since I’ve finished up my (unpaid) internship this summer, I’ve been on 5 interviews – not a whole lot, I know – but I’m getting there. The one I had today was a phone interview, which I really don’t mind. It’s just the anticipation of the call that’s irksome sometimes.

So this phone interview – Piece of cake, right? Except for the fact that the job this interviewer was talking about did not match up to the job description AT.ALL. Nor the one I talked to the HR person about – She was my first phone interview regarding the position. Needless to say, I was completely taken aback, shocked even. Oh, it was the same position all right just the details seemed ever-changing and dancing away from what could ever be called “realistic” – at least to me.

Not to disclose too much information, let’s just say I thought this was going to be a clerical/computer job with training but really it was a technical/coding job about a lot of things no one told me I needed to know. So when my would-be supervisor was grilling me on how to run reports and queries for X, Y, and Z I was all like, “HUH?”.

I sounded like a blubber-mouthed, broken record idiot. But you know what? I didn’t mind it one bit. I was nearly laughing to myself. The guy was looking at my resume, but got none of my information right. Even looking at my resume, one would have to see I was not qualified for this job. I’ve been describing it to friends and fam as a “hilarious nightmare”. He then proceeds to quiz me on hypothetical tech situations using terminology I’ve never heard before with me on the other end saying things like, “Well, I don’t know. I’ve never had a position like this before” and “I don’t know, my experience doesn’t cover that”. I don’t even know what the position’s about anymore! The site description said one thing, the HR person another, and this guy did a complete 180 on that.

But I’m glad this happened. Now I know how it feels like to have an interview not go well (because so far *knock on wood* the rest have gone swimmingly). I think it’s important in the grand scheme of things to have experiences like this. It builds character and experience.

So cheers to the next one. And fingers crossed that someone else calls me back.

I know I have a lot to offer, and I’m waiting for my time to shine – in the golden rays of the sun 🙂

Is This a Common Millennial Problem?

This week I’ve resolved to apply to at least one job a day until I get something. I know that sounds kind of pathetic, but I’ve promised myself so I gotta do it.

Beforehand I would do like 6 a day or a few every 2 weeks or something and then sometimes, for days at a time, none at all.

I hate doing it. I really do. But I feel like I have to.

The thing that drives me most crazy is when you attach your resume AND your cover letter AND your references AND your letters of recommendation, and they ask you to basically RE-TYPE EVERYTHING you’ve listed. Nothing gets me more heated. Like wtf, I just GAVE it to you! Quit have your computer scan for keywords you’re making me type in (for this ridiculous position I probably won’t get anyway) and just look at the damn piece of cyber-paper I gave you (that took an astronomical amount of time to squeeze onto one legible page, anyway)! It feels so insulting after awhile.

And I get it – Companies get inundated with applications. How are they supposed to get through it all? Yeah, I’m a Libra. I see both sides of the coin here. It’s just when you’re actually living one side, it gets really frustrating to understand the side of the other.

To be honest, the way things are going I don’t know the universe wants me to have a job just yet. I’m depended on for a lot right now, especially in my family life: Nonna care, meals, cleaning, laundry, etc. I’m luckily in a position where I don’t need to be 100% self-reliant right now. So aside from kicking myself whilst filling out job apps and taking care of my grandmother and parents’ house these are some other things I’ve been doing:

  • Walking – at least 45 minutes a day. At the track, around town, to and from the library
  • READING! I’m really rediscovering my childhood bookworm roots. I’m on a mission to finish all the books I never got the chance to read in school (and maybe reread the ones I liked). Just finished The Perks of Being A Wallflower and gonna move on to Baruch Spinoza’s Ethics tomorrow – Wish me luck!
  • eBay – I’ve designated myself as the official “clutter remover” of my household. I think so far I’ve been making about $100 a month reselling things that have just been sitting in my house (with my mom’s permission, of course)!
  • Blogging! (Duh.) Every day I wake up with the intention of blogging, sometimes it gets done, sometimes not. But I do TRY. Today was a success.
  • Limited TV time – I’d hate myself if I did nothing but watch TV all day. (I sometimes did that as a kid and really hated myself afterwards. I hate wasting time) But I DO think it’s important to watch news, educational things and/or quality TV a.k.a TV with good scripts and actors. So NO reality junk or game shows or Jerry Springer. Recently I’ve been watching The Big C. So good, you guys! V upset it got cancelled too. Laura Linney is da bomb

I’m still writing songs and baking when the weather cools down sometimes. I also finally learned how to use my grill! So things are okay for me. They really are. I am being useful. I am doing something with my life. It’s just not in a 9 to 5 format. At least not now. Maybe that day will come soon, but not now.

Are there any other 20-somethings out there who are having a similar job experience (or lack thereof)? Let me know in the comments. Let’s chat 🙂