Domestic Bliss / Pizza Bagel Records Clothesline Sessions | “Line Drive” – Roe Knows Best

Me performing “Line Drive”, a new song I wrote about being on the road and driving back home to your 1 tru luv ❤

‘Songs About Soup’ Press

$300 raised for the Community Food Bank of NJ! Check out more of what Grandma Sophia’s Cookie’s had to say about the ‘Songs About Soup’ compilation here:

“Nausea” – Jeff Rosenstock (Cover)

Last week I drank too much coffee and recorded this cover of “Nausea”. I will admit I only recently got into Jeff Rosenstock (within the past few years) and with each song I am always truly blown away by his songwriting. This song is no exception. “Nausea” really resonated with me upon first listen because I know I used to strongly identify with the lyrics at one point in time; “Nausea” reminds me of a past version of myself, that while is no longer is at the forefront, is still deep within the nesting doll of my soul, still kickin’ about somewhere. Anyway. It’s a great song and a lot of fun to cover and sing. Hope you dig!

‘Songs About Soup’ NOW ON SPOTIFY (and other streaming sites)

What’s up, guys?! Just stopping by to report that the Pizza Bagel Records’ “Songs About Soup” compilation is now available on Spotify and other streaming services. There are so many great NJ artists represented on here. Please be sure to take a listen next time you sit down to have a bowl! My ode to minestrone (and denouncement of COVID deniers) is the first track! Enjoy!