Command color uniform, photo-centric, jumbled patterns of life-blood, life-source, placenta pardoning afterbirth. Murderous intent, deadset on becoming and feeling heaven sent. Dancing swift and smooth with a vial of poison that’s carefully taken out of an unsuspecting handbag. What a case to solve for Agent Carter. Staying grounded despite waves of rage. Stopping, stomping Hulk-like all over mazes and puzzles, trying to put together the pieces. Sympathetic impertinence. Petulance. I waited too long for the other shoes to drop and now I have grown old and muddied. Sullied. Dipping toes into Tuesday morning. Nonsensical Picasso-like eloquence. Pushing forward and whittling wood and stone. Picturesque portrait. Mother Nature with her hand on the dial. Red paint splash makes a bull go mad. Target practice with arrows and darts. Native American stories. How many died out? Bloody stain that can never be washed off the face of America. Indelible tattoo. On the hippocampus. I believe Christine Blasey Ford. Iconic American Patriot.