Roe Tip #3

Roe Tip #3: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Could you imagine Life without laughter? How could it ever truly be Life? At least, Life within the context of human existence.

We need to laugh when it tickles us most. We need to laugh in times of sorrow and hopelessness. It’s one of the things that really brings us together, one of the things I really enjoy about being a human being and being alive inside my body.

Laughter makes me comfortable with myself. Makes me feel at ease. Because nothing else matters in those precious seconds. In those moments, your smile becomes the world. And the world desperately needs smiles these days.

I’ve been feeling quite scattered over the past few weeks. I feel like a car whose engine keeps stalling; I turn the key in the ignition and it sputters and coughs, grinds and whines, but won’t go. I’m stuck. But I am really trying. I promise. I’m trying to go forth, willingly participate in life, go to school, get a job, something, anything. But maybe I’m trying to move the pieces on the board when it’s really not my turn. Who knows?

But when I’m with my closest friends or with my wonderful family, I will always tell jokes, be funny, get them to smile as much as possible. Because I don’t like it when we get glum. How can I possibly enjoy myself when someone I’m sharing the room with is down and out? I’m compelled to do something about it. And if by chance I don’t succeed at least I tried.

If by chance I don’t succeed, at least I tried.

Grief and Laughter

You know, I was thinking just now
Why do we do it?
Why feel compelled to utter forth
a hiccup
a loud guffaw?
It got me to thinking –
Perhaps we cry
in attempts to heal the wound,
as water brings new life.
And gasp at the air
so that the pain in our lungs validate
we are still here – suffering.
And when we laugh
we are shaking off the snake skin,
constricting us for too long.
Or breaking the iceberg that exists
in us, in others,
so that we may breathe
a little easier.