Roe Tip #1

An interesting thought came to me right before falling asleep the other night –

I’m going to start making “Roe Tips” (as opposed to Bro/Pro Tips) which essentially will be pointers on how to live/function in the world as a post-grad “adult”. Some serious, perhaps some humorous. It should be a blast. After all, this blog is called “Roe Knows Best”. It’s about time I started sharing my advice based off my experiences. Here’s #1:

Roe Tip #1: Make a To-Do List

Sometimes post-grad life can seem so daunting, you may not know where to start. Closing the proverbial book on academia and higher ed can feel like that relief you get when you shed off a heavy backpack from your shoulders – except the bag weighs 1000 pounds and you don’t have to put it back on ever again. Nice, right? Yes. But now let’s move on to other things that must be done. Life must continue.

Today’s To-Do List

Sometimes I make to-do lists for the next day before I go to sleep, sometimes I pen them down after breakfast the morning of. It helps me put my day into perspective and organize my time so I don’t waste it; Just because I’m not employed or going to school doesn’t mean I sit home all day watching TV! (Or want to, for that matter. Though a little bit here and there is nice)

I help my Nonna with her morning routine, try to get a walk in, work on eBaying things, vacuum, read for an hour, practice guitar, sometimes make dinner, bake, do laundry, listen to The Kinks, go to open mic, watch the football game. Things like that.

I even put silly things on there like “Make bed”, “Get dressed”, “Brush teeth” just because it feels good to cross off! I try to put it chronologically, but sometimes when there’s a lot to be done, order doesn’t matter. It’s the crossing off that counts, and feels good at the end of the day. When you put it all down on paper, you get to see your goals and necessary tasks all laid out. And if you don’t get to all of them, that’s okay! There’s always tomorrow.

And if you happen to prefer the 1s and 0s of your friendly computer word processor (or smartphone notepad), go for it! In some respects I tend to be more analog and this is one of them; I love pen and paper for things like this. Crossing things off just feels so nice.

Make a to-do list, guys! Keeps your mind at ease and you always have a point of reference throughout your day!

An Ode To Fall (And This Moment, Right Now)

Football, music, and home life keep me more grounded than I’d care to admit.

It’s newness intertwined with certainty.

It makes waking up every morning not seem so bad.

I like gloomy, cloudy days like today because it justifies staying home and baking sweets.

When I went for a walk this afternoon I couldn’t help notice all the pretty leaves on the ground. I’m glad it’s autumn. I’m glad it’s this time of year again. It almost feels like a relief.

Unrelatedly, I finished Broad City today and I gotta say, I think it grew on me. I wasn’t sure what to make of it when I began the first couple of episodes but it’s really hilarious and I think it’ll soon grow into its own. First seasons of any show bring feelings of uncertainty.

I played an open mic last night, finished my 24/7 project this morning, and have a show tomorrow. I haven’t played one in awhile, but I think it’ll be fun.

I don’t know where I’m going but it’s definitely somewhere.

I’m thinking of going to a museum soon…It’s been awhile.

Can’t wait to finish Ethics and move on to Joseph Campbell’s collection of short stories. Spinoza isn’t easy, but since Kate Mulgrew read it, I felt like I had to. So I’m glad I’m getting it done.

As I sit here typing this, it’s nearly 4 o’clock in the afternoon on a Thursday. I’m listening to Tom Petty on low, glancing at football coverage on NFL Network, getting pumped for the Packers/Vikings game tonight. My dog’s curled up in a corner, keeping warm and I can’t help but feel content because it’s my favorite feeling, though it’s sometimes elusive. Because you can’t fake it or pretend it. It’s either there or it’s not. Thankfully it is, and I hope it stays for a long time – Perhaps to be prolonged by making a milkshake 😉