No GMOs!

READ: FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Potatoes, Apples as Safe

This is very upsetting news to me. I can’t emphasize enough that GMOs are not meant to be! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?

This seems like a ploy for agra-business to make a quick buck.

But there are repercussions to these things. Maybe according to the FDA, everything’s up to par with these GMO potatoes and apples, maybe everything is okay according to their standards. But what about long term effects? How can one possibly calculate that in such a short amount of time? What happens when the body digests these potatoes and apples? When I go out to eat am I going to have to ask my waiter or waitress whether the restaurant uses GMOs or not? I’m already lactose-intolerant and wheat-sensitive. What else am I going to have to worry about? (Not to mention, I have a theory this upsurge in lactose and gluten intolerance is due to years of GMO ingestion.)

It frightens me a little. Because now these apples and potatoes will soon be produced on a large scale, made available to millions who don’t know the potentially harmful effects of GMOs.

Food is supposed to go bad. That’s what’s naturally supposed to happen. I want my apples to brown. I want to have to peel and cut bruises off the potatoes I buy!

Founder of a British Columbia-based company participating in this ridiculousness (Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc.), Neal Carter said, “‘We know that in a convenience-driven world, a whole apple is too big of a commitment.'” When has a whole apple been to big of a commitment?! If you don’t want the whole thing, throw it away! At least they’re naturally biodegradable!

I hate to say it, but I can’t trust the FDA. As much as they’re a necessary organization within the government and as much good as they’ve done, take a look at all the other things they’ve approved that had to be reversed. What about bad meat or produce that got approved at first, and then had to be recalled?

I applaud McDonalds and ConAgra for their resistance to use these products (And honestly if these two are refusing, it makes one wonder, right?) and I hope at the very least that if the FDA can approve these GMOs, then they can at least label them so we can avoid them.