Snowflakes tickle noses of unsuspecting wildlife out and about seeking shelter in warm caves. Over the grass and the frozen dirt of the woodlands there is frost, solidified spray of water molecules grown cold and still. As the sunrise, it will melt and the grass will drink it up, still growing taller in winter. My hands, bitter and chapped from the night winds that pick up the dusty snowflakes and swirl them around like snowglobe magic. Ice Queen on Broadway. Terrifying, moreso than Cruella DeVille – At least I know what her motivations are. Blue jacket, small and tight, zipped up all the way while a little boy puts on his mittens one at a time. How do you use sign language while wearing them? Earmuffs and hat. Wool socks and boots. All to protect from the cold and frost. Windshield wipers cannot scrape off the frost that has frozen over in 13 degree freezing temperatures, and it will take time for warm air to blow and de-icer to take affect before –