Unknown spider bites, laying in the dark wide awake. Shriveled feeling in the pit of my stomach. Pinprickles on my skin, raising hair off my arms and back of my neck. Unknown illness, unknown everything. Mysterious packages left at the doorstep. Gigantic dinosaurs come without reservation for lunch. Phone calls with blocked numbers and emotional pressure that cannot be measured. Bodily tremors that can not be logged on the Richter Scale. 7th grade science class. Ill-prepared notebook. Smooth skin of the teacher. Wooden workbench. Everything seems like it will exist like this, in time, preserved, for ever and ever Amen. Cotton balls in the stomach lining. Red eyes and no sleep. Crying but running out of tears. Danger. No privacy. The realization that creeps in like dread. Knowing you did something bad. Nothing something bad's about to happen to you. Premonition. Scattered. Car won't start after icy snowstorm. Stuck somewhere. Ghosts. Halloween. The screech of bats, mummies come to life. Dancers without heads. Bad trip. To never reach Nirvana this way.