Day 17: Increase Your Commenting Confidence

Today’s assignment: Read six posts written in response to yesterday’s prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.”

Today I read posts from by LRose, WANGSGARD, A picture is worth 1000 words, cateritforward,  tunnel forks, and Library de Alexandria. I left comments on the last two because I really related with their posts, especially tunnel forks’s post, “The Happy Pill”.

She spoke about how her constant overthinking would lead her to sadness. I’ve been there too, many times. You kinda feel paralyzed. It’s like the rejection of the past, the stagnant nature of present, and the hesitance about the future all roll into one and all of a sudden, you can’t move. You just don’t know what to do with yourself, so you sink.

She said once her medicine helped alleviate her doubts and anxieties, she felt more upbeat and even compelled to complete a coloring book. I love that. I think that’s so great.

After Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Carl Jung discovered the presence of the collective unconscious mind (archetypes and mythological worlds) existed in all individuals, he soon after asked himself, what myth was he living by? He thought back and tried to remember what was the one thing he really enjoyed as a child. When he was given time alone to play and be by himself as a boy, what was the one thing he loved doing? He then remembered, he loved to make little villages out of sticks and stones. So being a full-grown adult at this point, he decided to revert back to his childhood and do the same – but on a much grander scale. He bought a piece of property near a lake and began to build what is now known as the Bollingen Tower. And so in this fashion, he built a house with his own two hands, very much in the tradition of the little villages he built as a boy.

I think coloring books could hold a similar function today. I mean, of course everyone’s different but I think most kids grew up with coloring books and have a certain familiarity about them. And I’m not saying that to discover your own myth and bring some clarity unto your life, you have to now buy a canvas and paint. But maybe…If coloring books were really your thing as a kid, who knows? It’s definitely worth a try. Why not?

Coloring books are great because there is no wrong answer, it isn’t difficult to do, any color you choose is the right choice, and everything looks so pretty when you’ve finished. Colors are also great. They give life to the world! Without colors, it’d all just be black and white. Classic, but kinda dreary after awhile.

When you add color to something, you’re bringing it to life. It’s also strangely therapeutic because your mind suddenly becomes eased by the back and forth movement of the crayon, marker, colored pencil, etc. Everything that bothered you yesterday seems irrelevant and melts away as easily as the colored wax could in your hand.

So move over. Next time I open my coloring book, I’m bringing my Crayola 96-pack. That’s how it should be done 🙂



Day 5: Love Your Theme

I changed my theme today. I really didn’t wanna do it at first, but I did. I was using Retro-fitted for 8 months so I guess it was time for a change…but I don’t like change. I’m not sure if anyone truly does, but sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and do it. Sometimes it can feel good! It did today.

The assignment for Day 5 was to try out 3 different themes, even if it was different from what you’d normally choose. I ended up choosing Matala (as you can see). I love the color and the beautiful imperfection of it all. It looks like someone was painting over an old wall. (Shoutout to Matt Mullenweg for creating this!) That strip of paper as the navigation bar is cool too. I like that. I feel like it represents who I am in a way – Organized, yet slightly scattered and partially flawed…but still enduring…still in progress. I guess I could customize it more if I wanted to, but after a freak lentil incident (I dropped cooked lentils all over my kitchen floor and dining room carpet. You can call me Miz Butterfingers) I am pressed for time and still have a lot I want to get done before the day’s out! Maybe another day I’ll get to adding my own personal flair you know, when I have more time and patience and all that.

The other themes I did try but didn’t like were Chunk and Sight. Sight was nice but wasn’t really the look I was going for. I felt it was devoid of personality and color. I also didn’t like how small the tagline was and how it wasn’t under the title. I did like how it looked on tablets and smartphones though; It has what’s called a responsive layout. (You learn something new everyday!) Chunk was okay, but I didn’t like how the navigation bar was backwards from what it’s always been; “Home” was the last button and “Twenty-Four / Seven” was the first. The Matala structure is more along the lines of Retro-fitted but definitely shows a lot more personality and creativity (IMO). It was worth scrapping the responsive layout to have something more expressive.

That’s all for today, folks! I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂