“Nausea” – Jeff Rosenstock (Cover)

Last week I drank too much coffee and recorded this cover of “Nausea”. I will admit I only recently got into Jeff Rosenstock (within the past few years) and with each song I am always truly blown away by his songwriting. This song is no exception. “Nausea” really resonated with me upon first listen because I know I used to strongly identify with the lyrics at one point in time; “Nausea” reminds me of a past version of myself, that while is no longer is at the forefront, is still deep within the nesting doll of my soul, still kickin’ about somewhere. Anyway. It’s a great song and a lot of fun to cover and sing. Hope you dig!

“She Doesn’t Get It” (The Format Cover) – First Fridays (Virtual) Open Mic Featured Artist Set (03.05.21)

I had the pleasure of being selected as the featured artist for the First Fridays Virtual Open Mic for March! Here’s a cover I played that night by The Format called “She Doesn’t Get It”!
First Fridays: https://linktr.ee/firstfridaysjp
RKB: https://linktr.ee/roeknowsbest