Mercy. Clemency. Compassionate stance. Whims of the merciful. Starlets dawning, fawning over angsty and angry director. Sweet mashed potato humbugs looping ropes through fellow dining room table obviousness. Same day shenanigans out of the goodness of my heart. When to not be, or stop being merciful? Perhaps when you feel taken advantage of? When the counterperson across from you is not remorseful or regretful. Repeated meanness or murder. Dancing daisies in the lilypad marsh. Stones stepping alone, skipping over lake reflecting sunset. Wiser than a monk who lives at the top of the mountain. Skirmish pepper pinpricks. Wistful romantic one-liners. Poe. Incredibly saved. Brave. The baseball team, complete with tomahawks. Atlanta on an Atlas.  Don’t look down. I am moving my fingers along the Ouija board. Tell me what it says. Ouija keyboard.


Fate. It’s gonna happen. Everything’s meant to be. It’s a matter of course. It’s a matter, of course. I must fall into fate or else I cannot breathe. Must accept this trust fall of Life otherwise drown in quicksand pits of Anxiety. If you’re religious you have faith. Well, I have faith in Fate. The guiding principle of letting go. The guiding principle so I may enjoy my life and let a few worries go by the wayside. Worries that are not based in reality, that are uninvited, Murphy’s Law-believing fantasies obsessed with expecting the unexpected. They aren’t true, they aren’t real. There’s probably a .02% chance of them even happening. Skeletal alignment does not always stay straight. We are human beings. We err, we make mistakes. This is all part of the game. Have faith that we will learn, or give an opportunity to those around us to learn. I must breathe through with the tides of Time and accept my Fate, whatever that may be. Captain Pike having crystal visions listening to Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks voice is like velvet. I would have loved to hear her and Nina Simone do a duet. Do you believe in Heaven, or dancing barefoot underground? None must stay – Namaste. Frightful elegance. Dapper zippers.


Trembling lips, crying in the cold. Waters flow in opposite directions, rewinding the moments on behalf of Blockbuster. Saint-like ornamental celebrations. Catching auras like vibes in a strange city I do not know. Dreamcatchers work their magic without any further delays. A chill, a ghost brushing past. Dark, damp, cold. Wet rain after a frozen spell. Dirty hands getting washed in the sink. Mind over manners. Typical attitude. Friday’s forgotten all over again. Memory retention and suspension. Lullaby’s lull us by Tuesday. Succinct preamble. Choked on hold. Mulberry St all the way down. Sacred sacrum I will protect. Gentle like glass, like porcelain. Mild napping. Like, a frog has see-through eyelids. Neverminding great, giant gaps. Coming up short on the run. Quarter of a century year old. 25. How the wine must taste. Nervousness trembling. Scared and anxious. Runaway Suzie. Tricks of the trade. Windsock downcast on an overcast day. Singing to water droplets keeping time, catching drips in the kitchen sink. Wondrous worms crawl up.


Rogue set still, draped in a cloak in the dead of a cold winter’s night. Hiding out. Even when he is in plain sight, he is hiding out. A woman silhouetted in a darkened kitchen turns and in the moonlight we can see her side profile, dimly. She is lost in Time, some 18th or 19th century wonder. Ghost immortal. Rogue ready to rob, ready to fight as soon as a spark snaps awake. Lighter fluid and firecrackers are nothing but fodder. Rebel, farmer going against the grain. Drummer, marching to the beat of his own. Hidden in plain view, they and we are everywhere. Daunting, haunting task force of self-importantizing ruffians. Sides are all about perspective. Climbing out onto branches and balconies and cliffs, I am stretched outward reaching, grasping for truth. Willing my shoulder to pop out, my forearm to grow and stretch further. Reaching the moon. Fingertips touch thin, rough bark. Wolf howls.