Song Shop


Step 1: Write a description, preferably one or two paragraphs.  In your description, tell me what you want your song to be about.  It can be a retelling of a true life event, an unrequited love, a weird dream you had, an ode to your cat, how the man is really getting you down, how Star Trek is so awesome and your friends just don’t seem to understand, etc.  The topics are limitless!

Step 2: Email your namedescription, and whether you would like your song to be ACOUSTICor ELECTRIC to with one (or more) of the following in an attachment:


A) SEND ME ARTWORK! – I cannot stress this enough.  I know a good lot of you are wonderful artists.  I’ve seen your drawings, paintings, computer graphic designs, and would love to see more of your talents!  Design me some album art, a portrait, or a picture of some kind of with “Roe” on it (Who knows?  It could possibly be used for a future T-shirt design…) and you got yourself a Song Shop song.

B) PHOTO SHOOT – I guess I could just take selfies of myself all day but something tells me it just wouldn’t be the same.  I know many of you are talented photographers, so let’s partner up!  If you’re interested, shoot me an email at and we can plan on meeting up whether it be in Nutley, Montclair, NYC, or some other cool locations you may know of.  Even if it’s just me, you, your iPhone, and some Instagram filters – I’m down.

C) INTERVIEW – Are you an aspiring journalist?  Have a music blog?  Let’s set up an interview!  We can do it however you’d like: Meet up in person (pen&paper, audio recording, video recording), talk on the phone, Skype/Google Hangout, via email – YOU CHOOSE.  Send me a link once the interview is published (along with your Song Shop description) and you got yourself a song

D) MUSIC VIDEO – Are you a film maker or just handy around a camera? Make me a music video! We can set the video to either one of my previously recorded songs (check out my catalog here) or we can even set it to your Song Shop song! However you’d like to do it! Also, I do not necessarily need to be in the video if by chance we can’t arrange a time to meet. You have complete artistic discretion here so use it however you like.  This can ALSO be a recording of me playing a song live somewhere. It could be at a show or we can arrange to meet somewhere/anywhere so you can record me playing.

E) If you think of anything else other than what’s listed above and would still like a Song Shop song, please email


1) You have an option of purchasing the HANDWRITTEN LYRICS of your own personal song! If you are interested in this, please contact me for more details

2) If you do not specify whether you would like your song to be acoustic or electric, I will choose the one I think fits best 🙂

3) I will email you when I get the request and then again as soon as the song is complete

4) The Roe Song Shop started out as an semester-long assignment for my Senior project and I originally decided to end it a year after it’s original conception. BUT – as of July 7, 2014,  the Song Shop has been REOPENED for a limited time. If you’d like, please check out my BandCamp page to listen to some of the tunes I have on there and get a feel for my songwriting style.

As always, please direct any questions or concerns to and I will do my absolute best to help you out!

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