Sleepless toss n’ turning kind of night where the window’s open, but it’s too humid. Where the sheets are thrown off, but you’re paralyzed on account of yourself, worried that if you move just one whole inch, you’ll have to start this process all over again, this process of falling asleep. You are failing. There are noisy neighbors outside, though you can’t make out what they’re saying. The voices are raised and aggravated, but unintelligible as trash can lids sound like they slam shut in a repetitious fashion. A cat loudly meows, also disturbed. There is no guarantee of finding sleep after routinely rinsing the gastrointestinal cavity with whiskey, lips in between parched and sated, eyelids drooping but cannot find rest. It’s a sleepless night, it is hot, it is annoying, it is 3 AM. Flipping the pillow to access its cooler side is only a temporary refuge. The ceiling fan clicks in meditative trance. Darkness is moonlit (and streetlamp-lit) so that in this bedroom the shadows of things are very clear and only mildly ambiguous. The mattress is a raft now.

“Easy/Hard” – First Fridays (Virtual) Open Mic Featured Artist Set (03.05.21)

I had the pleasure of being selected as the featured artist for the First Fridays Virtual Open Mic for March!
Here’s another new original song I played that night called “Easy/Hard”.
First Fridays:

“Line Drive” – First Fridays (Virtual) Open Mic Featured Artist Set (03.05.21)

I had the pleasure of being selected as the featured artist for the First Fridays Virtual Open Mic for March! Here’s a new original song I played that night called “Line Drive”.
First Fridays:


Styrofoam decoy sits on a window sill half-gnawed by Fido. The colorful ovular decoration now his dispersals of white teeth mark indentations, interrupting the purple and green stripe aesthetic of what used to be a festive egg for Easter, bought at the 99 cents store, on sale no less. There are crumbs in the toaster oven that sit at the bottom forgotten. They have gone through many lifetimes of heating and cooling. Maybe one day they will be thrown out and given a proper burial and funeral procession to the garbage dump. This little micro-happenings happen all around us all the time. It would just be insane to think about it all the time. So as two eggs crack and sizzle in the pan on the stove at breakfast hour, the mind becomes excited and stimulated at the prospect of not only breakfast, but breakfast soon. Your mind on drugs surely tastes delicious with a little salt and pepper. Television pleas that may or may not have worked. It’s all a bit of a shot in the dark. Cloaked and insidious temptations. Egg yolks make many delicious treats like custard and tiramisu. Egg whites are good for marzipan recipes and merengues. It’s funny to me how all these things are factual. Who were these trailblazing kitchen chemists experimenting? Also, why are Easter egg hunts a thing? What community planner thought that one up? The things I looked forward to as a kid sure seem stupid now. I guess it’s something to do for young minds that need distraction and joy, something to look forward to as a prelude to a sugar rush. Chickens lay the eggs, the bunny is glorified, and Jesus is the Lamb of God. Guess this life is just one big farm that got lost in translation. Eggs can be used for evil as well as good. Like pelting someone’s car with them and ruining their paint job. These concepts seem so foreign to me now. What seemed acceptable teenage revenge is now – mindboggling of how much time and effort it wastes. There are so many other, better things to do in life. Like wakeboarding and snorkeling and a whole bunch of other summer water sports. Kerosene will always be combustable, but it just be used to light lanterns in a novel that takes place in 1801 and that’s okay. Skyscraper meltdown from nuclear heat, the boil and bubbling as the translucent egg white goes from clear to formative.


An empty crevice lies empty at the bottom of a tree stump. Notwithstanding repetition and redundancy to focus the matter at hand, but here is where items can be kept in storage with little or no security. The risk is 100% yours to take. But in an empty wood, where the cawing of crows harmonies with the flitter of other various birds and crickets as the sky begins to darken, maybe you can leave your stuff here and no one will take it and nothing will happen to it. I suppose it also depends on how long you leave it for. There is no rent on this hollowed out tree stump; Nature gives and nature provides. Nature meets herself where she is and doesn’t get stressed out or tries to impress anyone. What you see is what you get and then some. Because sometimes you get what you can’t even see, or remain ignorant to see in some cases. A bowl of mild salsa lies empty at an Mexican restaurant waiting to be refilled. Salt and lime linger on taste buds from tortilla chips. Stomach not hollow at present, but very full and requesting another margarita. Lysosome cellular regeneration and cleaning agents. Ninth grade biology seemed so impossible. It still does, but the memory is far enough away where I refuse to care. And even though I don’t and won’t, my mind is not hollow; I am not worse off for it.