Roe Tip #3

Roe Tip #3: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Could you imagine Life without laughter? How could it ever truly be Life? At least, Life within the context of human existence.

We need to laugh when it tickles us most. We need to laugh in times of sorrow and hopelessness. It’s one of the things that really brings us together, one of the things I really enjoy about being a human being and being alive inside my body.

Laughter makes me comfortable with myself. Makes me feel at ease. Because nothing else matters in those precious seconds. In those moments, your smile becomes the world. And the world desperately needs smiles these days.

I’ve been feeling quite scattered over the past few weeks. I feel like a car whose engine keeps stalling; I turn the key in the ignition and it sputters and coughs, grinds and whines, but won’t go. I’m stuck. But I am really trying. I promise. I’m trying to go forth, willingly participate in life, go to school, get a job, something, anything. But maybe I’m trying to move the pieces on the board when it’s really not my turn. Who knows?

But when I’m with my closest friends or with my wonderful family, I will always tell jokes, be funny, get them to smile as much as possible. Because I don’t like it when we get glum. How can I possibly enjoy myself when someone I’m sharing the room with is down and out? I’m compelled to do something about it. And if by chance I don’t succeed at least I tried.

If by chance I don’t succeed, at least I tried.

Roe Tip #2

Roe Tip #2: Read, Read, Read

As much as I hate to admit it, school made me hate reading. It really did. It became something I loathed doing; So time-consuming, never-ending, and then I’d have to write a paper about it? Gimme a break!

It was a shame too because according to my parents I was reading at two years old; Couldn’t get enough of it. My dad was teaching me Hooked On Phonics before I could even form sentences, so I got an early start. Reading was one of my favorite things to do. I even had a bunch of interactive reading computer games for my early 90s Mac computer that I had such a blast playing.

But over and over the repetition continued, from middle school to college, to the point that if and when I had any free time I’d spend it hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing video games – Anything, really. Reading for pleasure? Why would I even subject myself to that? I think I’ll take a nap.

But once I graduated college, a wave of freedom washed over me. Now I didn’t have to report to anyone. I wouldn’t be getting graded or judged on my analytical skills, vocabulary, or understanding of the material. Now I could choose what I wanted to read, for my own benefit – and report to no one! It felt so good to know that.

At the time, I was just getting into Joseph Campbell and all of a sudden I had a thirst for knowledge, a thirst to absorb more. I spent my entire summer reading (something I rarely ever did in the past), and haven’t slowed since.Photo on 2014-11-23 at 16.59 #4

So check out my “Book Club” tab above where you can see what I’m reading now, what I’ve read, and what I look forward reading in the future. Check out some of books at your local library, go to Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore! Commit and be glad you did.

Reading keeps my mind sharp, seems to improve my writing skills, and has allowed me to continue my education even though school is no longer in session.

I think learning new things is so refreshing, especially when it can help you better yourself and the way you live your life.

Positive vibes +++

Roe Tip #1

An interesting thought came to me right before falling asleep the other night –

I’m going to start making “Roe Tips” (as opposed to Bro/Pro Tips) which essentially will be pointers on how to live/function in the world as a post-grad “adult”. Some serious, perhaps some humorous. It should be a blast. After all, this blog is called “Roe Knows Best”. It’s about time I started sharing my advice based off my experiences. Here’s #1:

Roe Tip #1: Make a To-Do List

Sometimes post-grad life can seem so daunting, you may not know where to start. Closing the proverbial book on academia and higher ed can feel like that relief you get when you shed off a heavy backpack from your shoulders – except the bag weighs 1000 pounds and you don’t have to put it back on ever again. Nice, right? Yes. But now let’s move on to other things that must be done. Life must continue.

Today’s To-Do List

Sometimes I make to-do lists for the next day before I go to sleep, sometimes I pen them down after breakfast the morning of. It helps me put my day into perspective and organize my time so I don’t waste it; Just because I’m not employed or going to school doesn’t mean I sit home all day watching TV! (Or want to, for that matter. Though a little bit here and there is nice)

I help my Nonna with her morning routine, try to get a walk in, work on eBaying things, vacuum, read for an hour, practice guitar, sometimes make dinner, bake, do laundry, listen to The Kinks, go to open mic, watch the football game. Things like that.

I even put silly things on there like “Make bed”, “Get dressed”, “Brush teeth” just because it feels good to cross off! I try to put it chronologically, but sometimes when there’s a lot to be done, order doesn’t matter. It’s the crossing off that counts, and feels good at the end of the day. When you put it all down on paper, you get to see your goals and necessary tasks all laid out. And if you don’t get to all of them, that’s okay! There’s always tomorrow.

And if you happen to prefer the 1s and 0s of your friendly computer word processor (or smartphone notepad), go for it! In some respects I tend to be more analog and this is one of them; I love pen and paper for things like this. Crossing things off just feels so nice.

Make a to-do list, guys! Keeps your mind at ease and you always have a point of reference throughout your day!