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  1. Dodecagon x ∞


    July 10, 2016 by Roe

    Mary Poppins is goddamn everything. My head feels like a brick after a long day of leisure proving you can …
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  2. April Shivers

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    April 23, 2015 by Roe

    It’s so cold outside! There was that one 80 degree day last Saturday, teasing the impatient Northeast with the prospect …
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  3. My New 21-Speed Bike

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    April 19, 2015 by Roe

    There’s something so incredibly liberating about coasting down the street, standing on the pedals flying, on top of the world. …
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  4. Doubt & Anxiety. Anxiety & Doubt.


    March 29, 2015 by Roe

    This is probably nothing new. Life just seems like a beautiful crumbling mess, moving slower than other moments I can …
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  5. Heavy As Fuck

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    January 16, 2015 by Roe

    There are days my mind feels like a sticky, humid swamp; Just…stagnant, filled with Lord knows what. And even though …
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