There is a man made out of granite and marble standing in the square, in the park on a bright summers day. He rides atop a horse in motion, frozen in time. The horse is kicking forward with bewildered expression, while his occupant raises his hat above his head. Astonishing how this stillness, this dead material, has so much life and motion. And parkgoers will pass it everyday as something unextraordinary, with not read the plaque that describes its historical significance or the artist’s intention. Their dogs just pee and walk on. There is a Northeast busy-ness that I myself participate because it is learned behavior. And it’s problematic because sometimes I forget to look up at the world around me. It’s always easy to cast off and ignore, until one day something stops you – a force, God, fate – And then you’re sick in bed, or working in an office with no windows, and as you’re at the end of your rope you perhaps start to wonder, “Maybe I should’ve looked up every once in awhile, breathed in the air while I still had a chance”. And not to say that these opportunities will never come again, but perhaps it will be awhile –

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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