Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell’s Blue has really made an impact on me lately – And “lately”, as in the past few months. Joni Mitchell is one of those names I grew up with, always kind of knowing who she is. A household name that I never very much felt inclined to research and pursue and independently check out. But I think the fact that she is so legendary and that Blue was a huge influence on Through Being Cool, I felt that push to check it out and get to know her music better. Taylor Swift also wrote a song about her that was on Red, I believe: “The Lucky One”, if I’m remembering right. Her voice and melodies are just … so unique and timeless. They are like messages in bottles that stay pristine. Time capsules of their era that are still looked upon with great admiration and respect. She is an expert of her craft. Other than Blue, I must admit that I don’t know too much about her life or the rest of her work, though I wouldn’t be opposed to learning to and listening to more. I just haven’t felt that push yet. There’s a lot to study and sit with in Blue, anyway. Though influential, I don’t believe her to be easily imitated, though people do try. But there’s only one Joni and at first movement I can sense a fraud. I wonder if she still plays, practices every day. I think John Mayer had recently posted a picture of the two of them that was taken two years ago. I wonder what she thinks of him and if she admires his playing. I wonder what they talked about. Does she text?

I don’t have any of her records. Maybe I should change that, so I’m not just restricted to YouTube and Spotify. She can make a guitar sing like no one else can. Something about the humidity and the gauge and tone of the strings, the resonance of the ancient wooden body. When I close my eyes and think of her, I see flowers; White petaled daisies with golden centers bees dream of, snoozing in their hive which echoes with the sound of slowly dripping honey. A crown of flowers, a loosely fitting crown. A fairy queen fairy tale, hidden somewhere in the forest. A memory encased in a snowglobe, which someone dreams about snoozing on a lotus.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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