Trudging through the thick, dark mud. Foot becomes stuck and encapsulated. Vietnam monsoon season. Can’t see two feet in front of your eyes because it is coming down in sheets. It is coming down, raining cats and dogs, in buckets. There in the country, Mother Nature reigns. Salve Regina. Mother Above All. Like it should be printed on cryptocurrency with every transaction, so we may remind ourselves of what is real and what is a manmade construct. Dolphin diving desperately to save her only home. She ricochets in aquamarine shadow as she tries to dodge rudders and various trash. She is innocent and still smiles when the end comes. Crossing over to the afterlife – A twilight sleep of dream and reality, and do dolphins dream? They’re mammals. In many ways they’re just like us. So I hope they do. I hope they do dream. And I hope the talk in their sleep and twitch their fins, like sleeping puppies do, dreamily running through feels and fields of flowers, poppies or daisies, chasing butterflies and bunny rabbits and squirrels. Perhaps they dream of levitating steaks that won’t come down. And that’s why they whimper while sniffing and breathing heavily. Cadbury Cream Egg sacrament on Easter Sunday. Confectioner’s communion. Ammunition for the doctor thirty years down the line.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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