Steamboat triangulates on a point in the ocean. There is no mist, only calm and clear blue skies. What differentiates the plural and the singular for sky/skies? I can make out every window on the side as I gaze from above. Each portal looks like the opening of an ant hill. Flying on the side, spray from the water as porpoises play and cackle underwater, so only bubbles come out. There is something about the ease of movement of a ship, how it floats on a body only Jesus reportedly walked on; Something about it that was take for granted as some grand triumph as human invention. Human intervention. Making and molding the environment to meet the needs of the moment. Clarity. Captain with hat and white beard and know how. Prerequisites are: having survived harrowing storm, knowing the difference between port and starboard, ship operations. Fresh paint and new bracers for the on-deck benches and chairs. Moving hotel, island. The bellow of the horn. Deep and reverberant. Vibrating the very core of every soul. Large and domineering. Barely contained. Chaotic when malfunctional.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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