A ghost evaporates up from the sewer drain on a dark and humid night, intermingling undetected within the fog. From this abandoned street, no one bears witness, but there are echos of faraway sirens, the barking of dogs, the screeching of brakes. The tall buildings that soar upwards capture these sounds and amplify them, confusing their originating direction. The compass has no hands or markers but is only a circle with no context. The ghost is see-through. Cartoon Scooby-Doo landscape. The big bad city of Gotham. Batman crossover. Where to haunt next? A couple rounds the corner, unsuspecting. They are talking in low voices, softly laughing. They walk arm-in-arm, closely. The ghost makes his move from behind. Drifting, floating, ever-so slowly and eventually coming up behind them with a “BOO!”. It is loud, and raucous, reverberation reflecting off skyscrapers and apartments. But the couple is oblivious and does not hear him. The ghost grows frustrated. He tries it again, and cannot explain why the couple does not turn and budge.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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