Unwrapping foil paper to partake in a delectable chocolate treat. It tastes like no rules, summer time, no school, getting away with sneaking out the evidence. I want Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup frozen, to melt in my mouth where the chocolate and peanut butter just meld into one. Halloween treats and desires. It’s all kind of insane; The mass amounts of sugar and sweetened syrups we consumed as children. “Did you know my sweet, that I once took the liberty of watching you in your sleep?” To let guards down and remove armor on Rutgers dorm room beds and lay awake in silence ’til first light. An awkward life. Rabid chomping at the bit. We are horses breaking to get out the gate. Bobby Flay and his mint juleps two minutes to countdown. This is a culture I did not grow up with or understand. What happens to all the women in the dark when they can’t see their own hand in front of their face? I want oxygen all around me, high up on an elevated mountain peaks glancing down a bottomless Earth. Caught in the stratosphere. Red Bull daredevil. Space heart attack. Palms sweating already. Clutching and bunching up the fabric of my elastic waistband pants. Do I miss her? Or am I just telling myself that I do in attempts to feel less lonely? Same circumstance, different day. Jotting down the elements, elegance. Stamping our feet to rhythms of time. They are like erratic heartbeats.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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