Marjorie, I lace up my thick brown boots. I am there, kneeling on the dusty dirt path, bent over tying rabbit ears that I plan to secure so that this is the last time I will have to do this today, until I am home and can remove these shoes entirely. I feel your impatient eyes on me, so I glance up to meet them. I weakly smile in response, hurrying up the process and tugging the knot taut and tight. And onward we go. The sun is almost at full mast and you want to reach the peak of this height on this mountain where we are hiking. I am worried at your steadfast determination, and the reasonings as to why you’ve asked me to accompany you on this trip. Your legs move so quickly, that mine are struggling to keep up. We are an orchestra moving in double time. I feel the overall temperature and humidity start to rise. The sweat clings to my clothes. But not yours. No, you are still as beautiful as they day we met and somehow Nature, yet untouched by it. You are pristine and cool as ever. The oatmeal I ate this morning is nowhere to be found and my stomach starts to rumble in protest. I’m afraid to speak up to tell you. There is a protein bar in my backpack. Maybe in a little while I’ll muster up the courage. The trail is relatively full with happy faces, and more experienced travelers than we. Dogs playfully frolic and bark with no leash, their owners unfazed and encouraging. Suddenly a cool wind starts to flow as we turn left, and I see a large pool and waterfall. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I’d love to stop for a picture, but you walk by it like it’s just another building in the big city. Marjorie, after seeing you ignore this intense beauty, I am questioning why you have brought me here, and feel inclined to rebel. So I slow my hurried gait into a walk. I lean on the banister of the bridge after coming to a stop. You are still going full steam ahead, no idea that I am no longer behind you. You will be irate and mad, but I don’t care and I need rest. Removing my backpack I take a nip of water and find my protein bar, and watch the sun play on the water, and create little rainbow bursts as it peeks its way through the trees. The protein bar is relatively tasteless, but I know it’s good for me. Some raw cocoa superfood concoction.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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