Well, Martha’s of course. A place I’ve never been but have some idea of its uppity nature. Something about George Washington and a place where rich people go to vacation. Something about National Treasure and Nicholas Cage and kidnapping a fictional president. Where grapes grow in elaborate gardens. I wonder if I were responsible for tending them, if I would find that Zen or filled with anxiety and worry. Maybe it would depend how much money I had in the game. I wanna go to a wine tasting again. My first and last time was in North Carolina at the Biltmore Estate. And that was a great time.

There are long vines that grow at night, weaving their way down and around, thin, green tendrils stretching out their arms. Pumpkins too are this way. And what a strange and magical way to grow anything. There is a likelihood that Cinderella had a dream, or got drunk, or did acid. Pumpkins aren’t wagons, though I’d be damned if we didn’t try to get on that trip. Tim Burton’s James and the Giant Peach – terrifying, yet captivating. And a movie that was in a steady repetoire for my early childhood.

It’s summer now so I prefer white wines, but have been thinking about making red wine popsicles. I actually forgot to bring it up with my mom the other day, because I don’t know if we have or where we keep popsicle molds. The last time I had red wine I believe was not long ago, when we had lamb – Maybe last week.

Big, floppy, straw-colored hats and big, ol’ hangover sunglasses; A woman wearing a white romper with a blue sash comes strolling down the fields. She is a real estate agent and she projects positivity and brilliance, but she is depressed and cynical in her private life. She greets her guest and says, “Charmed!” instead of “Nice to meet you”, like her one semester of study abroad in college really made all the difference. To drink, and cut class, and find yourself involved with an older man who doesn’t give a damn about you. Like she’s still maybe nursing that broken heart, and can’t break old habits despite her trying and best intentions. And so she is stuck repeating bad mistakes, and old behaviors.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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