Beating fast, vessel pumping blood throughout the body, sharing oxygen, expelling CO2, scientific facts that never fail to remind me that human life is fragile, yet based on complex principles. It's too easy to hit the off switch. That's why morals are worth discussing, and philosophy is worth talking about. Valentine's Day box of candy or chocolates, sugar hangover, but I lift the lid to look at the breathtaking presentation of what's supposed to be representations of love felt toward me. So in full snake-like fashion I eat and swallow these delectable candies. Gazing at their flavors only after I have swallowed them. Stamps in art class with red and blue ink. You can smudge it if you don't wait for the ink to dry. And that's okay; Maybe you want it smudged. Surgery, sterilization tools, UV lights and rays, washing hands deeply all the way up to the elbow. Paper towels. Long, latex gloves. Hippocrates never died, he's still alive somewhere beneath the Earth in some other dimensional realm, but he's there prisoner, separated by Time somehow. John Cage and soundproof rooms at Harvard, what is the pain that accompanies heartbreak? What's it like to be somebody -

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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