Storefront brand name, song by The Kooks, space between my seven-year-old teeth. Big glasses, big smile, big hair. Ha! The 90s, amirite? I remember seeing The Kooks at Webster Hall with a friend of mine some years ago. It was an incredible show. I recall wearing a Saves The Day hoodie. It was November and cold, and Saves The Day was playing at Irving Plaza that night, and I think if I remember correctly they had a two-night booking and I had tickets for the other show (whenever it was), and had opted on this night to go see The Kooks. Back then I felt my life revolved around concerts. It was the priority that got changed and switched up as I grew older and grew out of my green, Peter Pan slippers and Tinkerbell wings. Creating art is the priority now, as well as supporting my wonderful artists friends, which I can only do if I am gainfully employed, so work does became a priority as well, as I can better do the above when I’m making some sort of income consistently.

Fingerpaintings on wallpaper borders, chalk on a sidewalk, gel pens, Mr. Sketchers markers, Crayola crayons. I want a coloring book again. I think there was something so fulfilling and satisfying about that. So calming and Zen. Coloring flow state. Not sure how you could go wrong?

Mind the gap, London Underground to which I have never been but want to. Who knows when we’ll travel again, or feel –

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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