Spoiled food, spoiled goods. Oregon Trail and full-blown Windows 95 format. Dysentery, green type font. That little hovering underscore awaiting the next keystroke. Primeval graphics, 8-bit soundtrack. Wagon wheels in an imperfect circle. When computers would freeze up more often, when viruses were more of a threat (computer viruses, that is). Spoiled child, bad temper running away with her. I see a little girl in a pink dress with matching shoes and frilly white socks. And she is crying and quickly stamping her feet on the move as her mother is attempting to pay for something at the register. She is upset because she wanted candy, and mama said no. Something about the playful, colorful wrapper, and the sugary sweet promise that lay within generated the impulse, generated the desire to have it. But this warden stamped her foot down, using her parental authority. Now she quickly closes up her wallet and takes her plastic bag of just-purchased goods, and runs after her daughter, snatching her up into to arms as she screams and wriggles and cries. It is a war to put her into the car seat and belt her in. A common soundtrack played from the backseat as she continue to runs errands, rubbing her temples at a red light to will away this on-coming headache.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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