Pretty good, pretty tasteless. Pink dress with pink rubber boots. Splashing in the rain. Galoshes splashes. Big puddles. Big Mess. Pretty ridiculous when you're not two-years-old. Pink polka-dot hair bow doubling as bow-tie. Bow-tie pasta dry, with no sauce or moisture. Batted eyelashes. Betty Boop. Stardust Gypsy Rose Lee. Heartbreaking musical. Later on mixed bag. Goody bag. With candy and little games that are Made In China. The sweet smell of plastic. Landscape. Nature's aura. Wild grasses grow near gullies where no one else is home. The town just vanished. The atheist believes that nothing is haunted. Roar of an airplane threatening the peace and serenity of some antiquated, European town. Stuck in the time loop, stuck in the time loop, stuck in the time loop., stuck. There is protective shield encasing their abodes. Everyday Groundhog Day since World War II. They are pumping water at the well, into buckets, and bringing it home. The twirl of a dress on a dance floor. Good, clean fun. Well-natured innocence. "Pretty". Some wide mouthed American compliment, with teeth wide.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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