lobster roll

The last life-changing lobster roll I had was at the Sagamore right on Lake George, right on the water. Outdoor patio, balcony dining pre-COVID. Where’s that time machine? I wanna go back! It was a beautiful summer day, Mother Nature penning out her persuasive essay on how lakes upstate can be vacation spots too, not just beaches and the Jersey Shore. And holy shit, you know what? She was so right; Consider myself persuaded – To this day! I stan a good mountain vacation as well. New Hampshire a year later was also *chef’s kiss*.

But this lobster roll came out a big, lightly toasty, flat-top grilled brioche bun. Shiny, and maybe as big as my face. And overflowing inside was big, huge pieces of fresh lobster. This was no skimpy sandwich, but a true testament and statement to the art. Buttery, and creamy and ultimately heavenly. I wish my vocabulary could somehow do it justice, but it can’t. It was … transcendent. a transcendent taste and dining experience. Of course it must’ve been served with delicious fries, but the star of the was this lobster. And I’ve had lobster rolls since, some pretty good. But not like this. This was the star on top of the Christmas Tree.

That whole vacation was spectacular. Kayaking on the lake was a huge highlight, worth the insane arm and shoulder soreness the following day. We must’ve kayaked miles. I’m actually not even sure. I think we did rent the boats for at least 3 hours. So peaceful. So beautiful. The air smelling sweet and of pine trees. Between the lobster and the lake, that trip was worth its weight in gold. I’m not sure the next time I’ll be at Lake George (or near Lake George), but the memories are enough to sustain me for now. I don’t particularly care for busy vacations, filled with activities. I prefer to go with the flow and see what comes. I’ll go crazy with anxiety otherwise. I remember us driving, driving, driving into more and more desolate locations, getting more in the thick of nature, with less and less cell service. If I recall there was a room mixup, but one in our favor. We were supposed to be staying in the hotel, but ended up being put on the edge of the property with a kitchen and living area and fireplace; A patio overlooking the woods. It was wonderful. When they came back to correct the mistake, I put my foot down and said I’d much rather prefer to stay here if it wasn’t too much trouble to them. And they obliged. We really lucked out that trip.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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