Stamps seem so foreign to me now. I rarely, barely use them. Remembering the days when they cost 32 cents. At Lacordaire Academy I remember very briefly being part of an after school stamp collecting club, that seemed to be more my father's idea than mine. I remember on that first day getting some special edition Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Looney Tunes stamp. And maybe the reason why stamps seem so foreign to me now is that I almost never send a letter, and even if I do it's with a Forever stamp that my mom's already purchased. Snail mail has become such a thing of the past. The dust-bound memory swirls and spins and somehow finds its way to this page. Waiting in line at the post office to buy stamps is an often anxious and frustrating experience for me, mainly because I fear I'll get stuck behind folks who will take up an excruciating long amount time, especially when my personal errand is so quick. But even as I write this out I know I have to get over it because I don't really think I believe any of that; My line-waiting ethos is pretty good. I am patient and kind and honestly prepared to wait for an eternity. Perhaps it's moreso the inconvenience of the trip to a location a I never go, rather than the fear that I will be stuck there forever. Though that must be someone's puragtory - or Hell.

Stamps are like stickers but I think there might've been a time when moisture had to be applied in order to make them stick to the envelope. So strange and interesting how society used to function compared to today. I wait in castles, stone-faced wall, moat elevated, bridge drawn up. There are no tastes or smells to stamps, just their smooth touch and the very light sound of the rustling of the wax paper bag they come out of and the peel of sticker before being pressed onto the upper-right hand corner of the envelope. The scratching of a pen or quill writing out something very important over the overtures of history. The letter opening, metallic and demanding, slicing a perfect straight line across the top of that mail item. Stamps and mail fraud. Rubber stamps and ink pads. I know I had a few of those as a child. Paper tattoos, basically. There is a Mario Party 2 mini-game that involves stamps in that fashion; The player rides a top a big stamp and has to cover the most ground by jumping and hopping around on it. I usually never win that one. It's not my mini-game forte. 

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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