Foolishness incarnate, "Topsy Turvey", Hunchback of Notre Dame, Disney Version where Frollo wasn't whipping himself in the back, punishing himself over his lust of Esmerelda. Some made-for-TV movie I regretted watching at 7 years old, becoming disillusioned and disappointed realizing that Disney storylines are not mainstream reality. Recording on VHS, watched after church some Sunday evening, likely around Christmas when at that age I wore white stockings and skirts with little mary jane shoes with the strap buckle. Cold winter and my bright pink jacket and matching snowsuit. Back when there was a playground in the yard. There is no evidence of it now except in pictures. Delayed dance on tiptoes, ballet slippers, Bible verse, meek nonsense. What a foolish errand. Seward's Folly. Alaska. Thomas Jefferson. Founding Fathers Flawed Feigning Forgiveness as blood trails down every vein of this country. We are all guilty, somehow. Locked neck artichoke hold. Easing up on pressure, self-mandated pressure. Pressure tank that controls beer taps and CO2. I wish I was better in math and science. 

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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