candle pin

Candle pin bowling skeleton wasteland. Oreo dipping sauce straight down the line. Sherbert habit sugar sweet daisies, blooming from daydreams in splendid time. Ball rolls down the line no exceptions, getting dragged out and kicked out on klonopin scattered motions. Laughing in time. 3/4 to 6/8. Work-related relationship at a distance, mired in workmanship. Muddy boots on the lawn. Dragging in children wrapped around your knees and ankles. Growing up caterpillar. Lighting the alley down. Putting a pin in it. Wicking away ocean droplets. Scanning tantalizing methods on how to break through. Mark my words, stick to clay tablet, cuneiform. Filling up scheduled Christmas. How can I continue on this way, laying bricks and butting heads, and wanting escapism. How long until the damn breaks? Until I feel free once more? Plastered chancing hangovers with more bad behavior? Misty-eyed reconciliation. Too scattered to read. Cannot concentrate. Wanting to sleep. Candle pin! Straight standing, knock you down, force of nature, willing God. Cloudy night separates the two of us, distance dictates rules of war, rules of engagement. Energy evaporates. Like photosynthesis or the water cycle. Cloudy night, one more time. Broken candle wax, uneven pouring down archaic ruins, marbleized. Pompeii. Scatter the ashes and tryptophan aftermath of a Thanksgiving night. Getting over myself. Getting over myself. Getting over it. Some things are just easy to ignore. Or suppress. Market. Candle pin grenade launcher, all for naught, stupid wars, seeking home, sandy hell, no one knows how to get out. But to say to get over it, get over it, get over it. Cast it all out, like some spellbound wizard looking away with hand extended. Phase, it's all out. I just want to do without thinking it out. Candle pin! Lit. Game set and match. Morning found sleeping, the suns rays. Shining from heavenbound ideas of after light, cursed on a planet, yes it's all about perspective. Just wanting my hands fly while I'm closing my eyes. I'm not even thinking just doing like I said. Mindful can fuck off. Pouring concrete into gaps on the sidewalk. 

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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