School bell, white glove, wooden handle. It is stained mahogany. It clangs at slow, even tempo.
Church bells ring on tape recorder all over town. I never used to pay attention, but now I wait for the sound, some sonic salvation to save me.
High school bell rings, but it's more like some buzz. Bells like Pavlov's dog making us twitch and move and get up and go along to whatever's next. 
Bell Atlantic Telephone Company. Deep commercial voice. Bought by Verizon, or made into Verizon? I was too young to pay attention to mergers. Blue was a big color in the 90s.
Bell helmets. I have one, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be wearing it. You see, it used to be adorned with stickers that I had to take off using Goo Gone chemicals and alcohol and who knows it that helmet will really protect my head, if I didn't chemically wear it out. I guess it's better than nothing though. I haven't ridden my bike in awhile.
Little tricycle wheelhouse, Radio Flyer tricycle I think my brother used to have with this bell on the handbars that you could ring one-handed with you thumb. Wonder where that is now. Definitely not here, likely sold at some garage sale past.
Wedding videotape, camera focused on the bell tower. Quasimodo.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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