fish tank

Fish tank dipping into tropical pool of aquatic life and rainbow fish. The water is clear but bluish, reflecting waterproof led lights laying on the bottom. It's time to feed the fish and sprinkle fish food on the top of the water. Little guppies waggle their tails, swimming up to feed, opening their gaping mouths and swallowing those pellets. What a way to life. Sometimes they break the surface of the water, even if just for a moment, and we get to see them in a mildly different 3-dimensional way. I miss moments where we had fish as pets. But to be honest, it is work and the death is always so heartbreaking, to see your little friend has floated onto the afterlife, some netherworld; He stays on his side, floating up top, not breathing, just laying with eyes open. Poor little fish. Down the toilet he must go, to be flushed away but never forgotten. And now the tank lays empty, full of little plastic castles and ferns and purple pebbles. We play "Little Plastic Castle" by Ani DiFranco to commemorate this death. It's loud enough so that the water in the tank ripples. And now the light will turn off, the filter removed, and the tank drained. We will take everything out and wash it until its clean. And then we forget about it, or put it out at some garage sale, too tired to relieve the affair all over again. Those dead fish, biodegradable and filtered out of county water supply. Nutley Pet Shop on Franklin Ave, smelling like pet food, but I remember the coy pond, and the lizards and birds and snakes and always wanting a dog. The tanks built into the wall. I can't remember exactly where it stood, but I remember it; Wood-paneling. Florescent lights. Restaurants where there are fish tanks like Red Lobster, and that Chinese place on Route 46 I cannot recall the name of, kind of tucked away but possibly connected to a hotel? Something about connect us with the food we eat? Creating some sort of dreamy aesthetic? Not sure if I totally understand it, but I am not too disturbed by it. Okay, maybe a little disturbed by the lobster tank at RL. 
Fish burrowing underneath the ice.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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