tissue paper

Holidays and birthdays. The sound of crinkling tissue paper, wrapping presents big and small so they can sit, picture-perfect in their gift bags and hidden from prying eyes. Tissue paper white and green with sparkles. I’m not sure how it works in other families, but in ours you save that tissue paper (that’s part of your gift) and reuse it for a gift you’ll be giving someone someday. When the party’s over and the guests have gone, you take that tissue paper out and find the creases and the folds, and refold it, putting it the gift wrap box. That’s also why it’s so important to open a gift slowly and not tear too much into it.

There is something so delicate about tissue paper. It seems more delicate than tissue itself. Skin tissue too. I’m having a moment where ’tissue’ seems like such a weird, unreal word to me right now. It is so soft and paper-thin, easily shaped and torn. Sticking up out of a gift bag on Christmas morning. The sound of it being bunch and wrapped and arranged; That crinkle. I cannot recall any specific anecdotes about tissue paper, other than that it is a mainstay in the gift-wrapping box and rarely purchased since we’re so deadset on reusing it in the Sicilian tradition if you will. My mom is a gift-wrapping whiz. I, not so much. Though I can usually make do with tissue paper and a gift back. But wrapping a box is not my best strong suit. There are so many things I never learned, or never could get quite right when (briefly) taught. And those things frustrate me. My clumsy hands and hyperhidrosis never helps and has never been a friend in matters like these.

I remember both as a child and adult, helping my mom put a ribbon on a present; Putting my finger on the knot as she made a big fancy bow and curled the ribbon with a scissor blade. It would always look so expertly done, so professional. Bows too – Bows – Big bows – Those were salvaged as well from past gifts, and stuck on future presents with victorious triumph.

I remember wrapping paper sales in school. We would all be sent home with a catalog. I guess the money would be used for some fundraiser. But these catalogs, not only filled with any sort of themed wrapping paper you might imagine, but also if I recall, –

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