Cassette tapes! The hum and hiss of magnetic analog audio. Rectangular fragility. Sometimes see-through, sometimes opaque. Recalling middle school vocabulary words. Tapes, so integral to my education and upbringing. Music on different media do truly sound different. Rumours on cassette is different from the CD, which is different from the record. Billy Joel, Hooked on Phonics, Raffi. Fascinating how this information is stored. Voyager - Sending the record to space - How will the aliens know how to play it, how will they know how it works? Tape deck in the car. Soundwaves to outer space, playing somewhere. Like maybe a beam of light, flickering out before it dies (but it being years before we can even see it burn out) will hit the golden disc. Or maybe it will by shot by meteor schrapnel Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley style. And that's that. Plastic little tapes holding memories and ripped radio songs. Tapes are fragile things, easy broken and destroyed. Tapes sometimes get eaten. Sound washes over like a body glove. Blanket holster. Plastic melts under desert suns. Conniption spasm heart attack. Snow ice sheet wall glacier coming, crashing down at night in the dark, care barely make out a shadowy silhouette. I used to have this green hoodie. It was a zip-up. And on it were little doodles of boomboxes and cassette tapes. I liked that hoodie a lot and miss it. I'm not sure whatever happened to it. It was one of my high school mainstays. Tape threads through plastic cartridge. Long car rides. States and Capitals Rap. Sides A and B. Compact, transportable. Why is the answer here and now? Streaming is great but it is not tangible. I cannot hold it. I cannot put miles on the songs I play. I can not hold the streams to my heart and weep.    

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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