hockey stick

Charlie Brown something or other reminiscent phrase. Weird, elongated piece of wood hangs in a lazy 'L' shape...or 'J' shape, depending on who you ask. Sometimes there is grip tape at the top. I've never been incredibly into hockey. Maybe I just haven't had the right friends to indoctrinate me into it. It wasn't something I watched as a kid; neither of my parents were into it at all. I may have been to a game. New Jersey Devils, probably at Izod or Continental or wherever they used to play before Prudential. I never really cared about the Stanley Cup. But I think it's nice to believe in something. I was never great at ice skating either, so 'hockey player' or 'ice skater' were not occupations I aspired to hold when I was a child. However I loved the cool air and the Zamboni smoothing over the ice. I marveled at the bulkiness of these players, their protective gear having to make it that much harder to navigate around the ice. The physicality is still mildly frightening to behold. Lack of teeth. Penalty box. There was some sensational story last year I think, about a man who was this 4th or 6th in line backup who actually got to play and won the game for the team. Blades against ice, accelerating then stopping is such a unique sound, as is the whipping of the puck against the hockey stick. I think of Jack Frost with Joseph Cross and Michael Keaton. 1999? 1997? We still have the VHS tape somewhere. That movie makes me cry. I think you need to be in exceptional shape to play hockey; You must will your body to move and react ... at will. Full-contact sport. Plexiglass raised. Sid Gronic. Henry Rollins. He should've received an Academy Award. I wonder the what the workout involved must be for these hockey players. Is there a female hockey league? Why don't I know that? That's something to look up. It's always surprised me how small the goal is and how large the goalie is with his facemask and equipment. How does anyone get a puck past him? Also, a facemask so different from the others. I guess he's bound to get beat up more. But those large-ass kitchen mitts -

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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