The month of August reminds me of the color Orange. This prelude before the multi-colored leaves of fall, the bookend to Thanksgiving. Prelude before going back to school. Last warning of summer ending. Hot, humid peaks. No air conditioning. Back-to-school shopping both for clothes and supplies. Getting excited over new jeans, new pens, new pencil cases and notebooks. Last chance to go to the beach. Last chance for a lot of things. The peak of fresh summer fruits like peaches and watermelons. It’s this teaser month though, because September is just equally as hot. Things don’t really start to cool off until October. But I always expect them to start in September. Driving a plow across a wheat field. Bales of hay and farm country I have never truly known. The sun is setting now. Dusky colors become purple and orange with a golden glow. There are yellows and blues on the horizon now. We say we’ll remember this sky forever, but we will forget. The iPhone picture will never do it justice. No matter how many filters we put on it.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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