Mars like the red planet. Magic School Bus field trip that got so dark. Take out the Deluminator and suck out the stars. Cratered curmudgeon. Can this support life? Where is the water, where is the ice? Space questions unanswered. Space objects, moons and planets named after Greek/Roman gods, so Roddenberry probably wasn’t too far off when naming Romulus and Remus – The two founders of Rome. It’s still linked. Kronos is Greek too – Having to do with time I think. God of War. He’s holding a spear and has on a wrought iron helmet. There is a piece that extends downwards, covering the bridge of his nose. He has a small beard. Mars rover controlled by a joystick. Real life game, must be hella powerful. I remember reading Mosaic by Jeri Taylor and reading that little anecdote about Janeway swimming with Mark in the underground water caves. The terror of getting stuck and advancing beyond your means. Thinking you know everything, but not knowing nearly enough. Teenage years where you believe your defiance and sheer will will carry you through anything. You are so confident and stubborn and hardheaded that that will carry you through. Until it doesn’t because it can’t. Because you are suddenly faced with a reality that you did not foresee, that you cannot get out of.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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