Writing Exercise #20

a How does a tree trunk grow so round? 4

a When it falls does it make a sound? 4

b I’m lying here on the ground all flat 4

b watching lightning spark and crack. 4

a There’s a sepia-colored photograph 4

a that lays at the base of your epitaph. 4

a Making memories, that was your craft. 4

a I miss your smile, I miss your laugh. 4

a Mascara turns Beauty Queen into Horror Show 4

a How you cried so much I do not know. 4

b Face is swollen and your eyes a wreck. 4

a And I feel sorry for you even though 4

a Pencil strokes become faded watercolor 4

b I have sweaty hands. 3

c I used to flunk my spelling tests 4

b And could not stop drawing ampersands. 4

a Embarrassment, shame; Don’t look at me 4

b writhing on the floor 3

c I did something I think I’ll regret 4

c And no matter how much I drink, I can’t forget. 4

a Me without glasses; Did I even exist? 4

b A phantom of my youth 3

a When I think back there are things that I miss 4

a But hindsight’s 20/20, so to hell with that list 4

a The one true stranger who saves my life 4

b probably won’t even know. 3

a It’ll probably be something simple like 4

b saying hello. 3

c And maybe I’ll hear The Doors start playing 4

c and start singing along to what they’re saying 4

a Open the book, turn the page 4

a scribble notes and walk away. 4

a Then come back to read everyday. 4

b if you wanna be smart 3

c Straighten up or fall of the wagon 4

c Hitch a ride on beast or dragon 4

c Make believe, real or imagined 4

b I like to fall in love with art 3

a Little flame flickers away 4

b Wax drips down, slowly melts 4

a I feel the hours slipping today 4

b I feel cursed, condemned to Hell 4

c Watching shadows paint the ceiling 4

c I’m suppressing every single feeling 4

c A wreck like me is not appealing 4

c But I refuse to pray and won’t start kneeling 4

Author: Roe

29. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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