pickles 2

The other day my mom was grilling for lunch – Hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables, salad; The table was adorned with ketchup and mustard and barbecue sauce, and salad dressing. As we entered this delicious scene, I noticed (and knew but perhaps in that moment had forgotten) that she had made vegetarian baked beans and sauerkraut to go with the hot dog; Both of which I’m usually always game for. I first had my salad – Fresh romaine lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette. On top, my hamburger – no bun – a nice dollop of barbecue sauce for good measure. Afterwards, when splitting the last hot dog with my mom, I lumped some sauerkraut and beans onto my plate. But when I tasted the sauerkraut, I almost spit it out. As I crunched down on this fermented cabbage, the taste was unexpected and I wracked my brain (and taste buds) trying to place it. Suddenly in came to me; That this didn’t taste like sauerkraut at all, but rather hot pickles. And I told my mom so. Turns out it was a brand we don’t normally buy and had a lot more vinegar than other brands. Even my dad agreed with me. Where I was at first repulsed, as the meal continued, I found it to be perhaps an acquired taste, but different – Very different from what I was used to. I had said to my dad that I had never had hot pickles before, which was why the taste was so jarring to me. And he replied, “I have”. And I said, “When?! Where?!”. “Fried pickles,” he matter-of-factly stated. And he was totally right. And of course I’ve had fried pickles. Then at the table I brought up pickleback shots. “What’s a pickleback?” my mom asked. “It’s a shot of whiskey,” I explained, “or any alcohol, I guess. And then once you do the shot, you chase it with a shot of pickle juice.” She seem intrigued but also somewhat repulsed. “It’s an acquired taste,” my dad explained. Then I began talking about the first time I did a pickleback shot, but couldn’t remember if I had been with my dad or someone else. But I knew I was sitting at the left end of the bar at Cowan’s and the bartender at the time (perhaps I nice-looking-

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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