crown 2

Lazarus raised from the dead, bearded and smelling rancid. Still lungs with air pumped back into them again. Biblical miracles, meaning goes over the head. Jesus and his crown of thorns. Where are the roses? Where is their sweet smell and the honeybee, close by? Burger King royalty. Orange and red color scheme. Sesame seed buns rules all. Crawfish stomp on fancy, ivory-colored letterhead. Enragement vs. Engagement. Throne, gold, bed pan, leeches. Age 30, life expectancy. Dry meat. How spices and sugar must’ve seen like drugs then. These foreign products, so tantalizing to the senses. I can feel the velvet and the cool of the castle in winter. The warmth of the hearth in the bedroom, four poster king-sized bed. King-sized Reeses Peanut Butter Cup because I have earned this right to indulge. American distractions. But that chocolate and peanut butter get so delicious. Very difficult to find an equivalent. It just isn’t the same. That is some American classic. Sitting on the remote of history, accidentally rewinding the tape and losing the remote. See wars played backward where life is again, breathed back into men and boys of war, women and children who were not meant to die. There they go, standing up again where they had fallen moments before. Their wounds heal up. The bloody gap played backwards. Spilled red gets sucked back inside and skin grows back like phoenix tears were here. She’s all better now. No doctor needed when we can spool it back like that. Just play it again. Play the game again. They donned the uniform because their country told them so. Because of that, because of ideological reasoning, because of personal economical circumstances, or emotional recklessness. Crown and country. Not a hotel chain, not a restaurant franchise. Moments of history of unimaginable grief like, how can we ever be happy ever again. Must reach for bottle or pills. Quiet suffering like, no one will see me if I can just melt into this chair and become invisible to myself. Regret and actions on the human mind. Populist disconnect. Safely in wait, lady in waiting. I hope the bones of all queens and kings are resting peacefully, at least, those who did good or tried to do good by their subjects and people. We are thrust in the situations and circumstances that are hegemonic, some beyond out control. How can we change the rules of a game we have only begun to play, barely understand? Big ships do not turn easily.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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