Gathering round in a circle holding hands to lift up the axis of the world on daunting, daydrunk mastiffs. There is an expectation to bow or kneel in its grandeur. Blue water and sky of different shades, this purity pleasing to the eye. Rudimentary Cadillac wasteland, Kafka-esque Breaking Bad somersaults, sauerkraut, extra salt, barbeque bacon hamburgers with enough sizzle to make your mouth water and ask for seconds before you finish you first.  Ships have sailed and navies have existed for quite sometime now. I wonder about the daybreak and how that must feel to see; To see as a focal point, from a central location the world rising up before you in ‘Good Morning’ greeting. Hallmark card vacation fantasy island with pineapples and coconuts and all things tropical, including mangoes and papayas. The saccharine fruit juices we had as kids pale in comparison. They aren’t real. They’re just meant to be sweet and to be desired. Destitute time collapse, time travel lunchbox, a Portkey to some other dimension. Harry Potter could probably get super-meta in fan fictions I have not read and probably will never read. But I can think about it. Brother Benny in Deep Space Nine. You can’t kill an idea. Passioned collapse on the hardwood floor. That floor is mulch now and maybe I am obsessed with the passing of time. Yellow cardinal nailpolish, must be some bird mutt. A freak egg accident. Stumbling home on Downing Street completely alone.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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