Covet – Thinking of a mysterious man in a black or grey hood. The walls are stone and there are dark grey shadows cast in the darkness. Lit torches guide the way down now ancient hallways as we follow this figure. The shadow are enlarged and appear to be larger than their objects really are. There is a hasty hurriedness, a quick step and a rush. Stolen goods coveted. Every commandment broken. How would it all be if those ancient stone tables broke for good. Did Moses just make it up? Some elaborate tale, some imperfect power grab? Ragged and rain falls down the mountain side. The bush burns and the fire does not get put out. Recompense detailed in little minutiae. Where do the myths come from? Burning gates that never melts the metal. Tin foil decorations adorning catalogs of trivia, Trivial Pursuit. Days and days of Peter Pan Peanut Butter daydreams, spreadable on thick white bread that will numb the void for as long as it takes to consume it. Wings open and help us glide down valley streams and mountainsides. The air makes in float and wave to other birds, saying “Yes, I’m home.”

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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