Steep and deep sand dunes fenced off with feeble twigs and wire. Beach grasses grow and swap, sway nonchalantly in the salty breeze. I love the ocean. And I miss it. Very simple panoramic rectangular sky, stretching endlessly; A blue horizon. A distant white ship in the distance. The floor of the rectangle – the blue green water cascading forth in foamy crests. It takes its orders from the Moon. Touching the sand softly and gently. Gulls cry out on the hunt for Lays Potato Chips and mussels. There is a breeze outside today that reminds me of sitting on the water. I just need more warmth; More heat and sunshine, raw oysters, and an ice cold lemon shandy. The smell of boardwalk french fries and the excitable promise of a sweet italian ice dessert. Memories put on hold this year, where we will go stircrazy and have to vibe to whatever this is and make do. I’ll miss the seashells and sediment and the pain of having to put on sunscreen. Good Riddance, Jersey Shore, it’s the great indoors.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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