green tea

Green tea is such a versatile ingredient. Whether in steeped liquid form or matcha. It’s even its own ice cream flavor. Green tea is one of those teas that you have to be careful not to steep too long. Especially Japanese Sencha. Because the flavor can become too strong and overpowering and hard to drink. You’d have to dilute considerably. That’s what I’m very careful with it. My dad had actually bought some green tea, a specific kind, not too long ago. It also might have been Japanese, but it wasn’t sencha. But the instructions said to bring the water to below a boil (maybe a rolling boil) and then place this flower-like bulb in the water and it kind of steeps and blossoms. I didn’t try it, but it looked interesting.

Green tea is not one of my favorite teas, but it is a tea I’ll drink once in awhile. It has this earthy flavor profile that is a little challenging to describe unless you’ve had it. I don’t take milk or cream in my tea. Once in awhile I will add a little honey, but that’s usually it. It has lots of antioxidants and is supposed to be really good for detoxing the liver. Sometimes after a night out drinking, if you can stomach it, green tea (and walnuts) can be beneficial to the body.

We have a kettle in my house that is electric and has a heating element on the bottom. We used to have one for the stove – actually we had a few for the stove – But over the years they’ve broken, rusted, melted – you name it. But this one rumbles when it boils and has this blue light inside that automatically shuts off when the water hits 212 degrees, probably. But it rumbles and bubbles, the hot water moving like a mini cyclone. This is the sound I usually associate with making tea. That and also a whistling kettle, because that is definitely a classic association. I love the warmth of tea, holding the warm mug in my hands and feeling the steam caress my cold face. In winter this is a simple pleasure. Taking careful sips, being sure not to burn myself – though sometimes I do. I love matcha too, but not enough to seriously consume it. It seems like a lot of work? I went to a Farmer’s Market once and there was a green tea / matcha company that was making matcha shots for people to try for a few bucks. I tried it and liked it, but remembered there being special stirrers / brushes and cups for making it. While I don’t know how necessary that equipment –

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