I nearly ate myself sick about two weeks ago. When the food is so good and delicious you can barely stop yourself from enjoying another bite. For my brother’s birthday we ordered food from Tinga, which I had always heard such good things about but never had had the privilege of tasting. Their menu warned that their burritos were 12″, of course there was an option to downsize, but being that this was my first experience, I wanted to do it right. When the order came, and I was hastily trying to log off work in order to join my family in this celebratory meal, the burrito was so weighty and massive, I had to cut it in half. Before tearing into it, I filled up my pre-appetite with some chips, salsa, and guac – All salty, pungent, fresh, and delicious. The crunch of the fresh tortilla chip along with the smoothness of the guacamole was a true chef’s kiss. The burrito was filled with chicken, cooked so tenderly it was shredding at the touch. Next to it lay Spanish rice and black beans that were cooked so flavorfully and heavenly. It was a supreme comfort to bite into it after spooning Sofrito sauce over the whole thing. I must’ve attempted to eat the burrito half in my hands, but later admitted defeat, settling for a knife and fork approach. The smell of the cumin and fresh spices was to die for. I didn’t want to settle for fullness, especially with knowledge that dessert was a sure thing afterwards. It’s tough sometimes for me not to over-indulge during a special occasion, but I did – And payed a price afterwards in my digestive discomfort that finally fully left me after about two days. But would i order again? Absolutely. Thinking about it now makes my mouth water with anticipation as the front of my brain balances the serotonin tease, combined with adrenaline, just at the mere prospect of getting that food again. Burritos are little (or big) hand-held and tasty parts of goodness that I love, though next time I might opt for the bowl or salad despite my life-long love affair with any and every carb. I don’t remember the last time I fell into a food coma that deep. Once this pandemic’s over, I’d love to go there and eat in person. Takeout’s great, but you can never really experience the real thing until you dine-in.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soulโ„ข.

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