Circular, cold coin. Silver-gray, perhaps like the hair of the man who’s side profile adorns Heads. George Washington quarter. Twenty-five cents. Quarters are precious and somehow not just more valuable in currency, but also more valuable in moments where you need a coin to use. Parking meters, needing an additional dollar for the tip, scratch-off tickets, coin flip, bubblegum, vending machine that won’t accept your crumpled dollar in pursuit of some salty snack. The eagle on the backside, wings spread. The metallic drop as the coin falls out and rolls around the floor. Holding a quarter tightly in your fist until it becomes warmed by your body heat.

The last time I used a quarter, I was likely paying for parking before yoga. In the municipal lot behind the studio, there is a machine were you enter in your space number and pay for parking. I usually put in 3 quarters to cover an hour and a half. There was a moment though, perhaps a summer or two past, where I wouldn’t pay for parking. Got away with it too. I thought no one checked, the system just meant to get money from out-of-towners / non-locals. But I came out of yoga and saw there was a ticket placed under the windshield wiper of the car. $24.00 – which honestly was a bargain for all the times I had parked and not paid. But I learned my lesson, and pay now. I immediately drove over to the police department and paid the fine. I still have the fading receipt though; In the event they say I didn’t pay – Because I paid cash.

Quarter has in one fourth.  I used to have a Sesame Street plate that was divided into three sections. Although those are thirds, I haven’t thought able that plate in a long time. I think Cookie Monster was on the half – Okay so it wasn’t technically thirds. It was a half and two fourths = three sections. I know some kids sometimes have an issue with foods touching other foods, hence the divider, perhaps. But I don’t ever remember having that problem. I really didn’t care about that. Peas touching mashed potatoes was find with me. It was all yummy and delicious. At 25 I was a quarter of a century old. Now, older still.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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