Hiking in the leafy woods, Stephanie’s foot comes down on the dry ground and she hears the pop of a snapping twig. It ricochets all around her, like a gunshot. A bird calls out, exclaiming potential danger. Stephanie looks up at the now overcast sky; It was sunny when she started out, but it has now taken on a melodramatic mood. She sees darker clouds rolling in, and debates turning around. She could have sworn the weather report did not account for rain today. Unable to make a decision, she decides that now is a good time as any to take a water break. Not too far away from the trail, she sees a large rock, perfect for sitting. Putting down her humble pack, she takes her bottle out of its protective netting and takes a nice hearty swig. Smooth, cool water rushes down her throat and awakens her mouth. She didn’t realize how thirsty she was. Taking one last sip of this revitalizing hydration, she puts the cap back on it and stows it away. She takes a look at her grubby, dirty hands, unclean from holding on to saplings and rocks for support and balance while going up this incline. There of course was also a bit of a mistep; She had lightly tumbled after getting tripped up by a root. It was early on and she felt fine when she stood back up and dusted herself off. Now though, her left knee and ankle were started to protest, asking for ice and fresh blood. Yeah, maybe it was best if she started heading back.

As Stephanie about-faced, a strong gust of wind whipped through the air, making her shoulder-length mane of brown hair go flying. Her eyes fluttered for a moment as the wind died down, when as it did, she saw a man in a tattered black suit standing stock-still watching her.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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