“Tattooed Tears” – Another great song by The Front Bottoms. Another one of my favorites. Taking a way a life and commemorating it in ink. Means nothing to you, except for the fact that now your body must bear the burden of remembering it forever, and having others know what you’ve done. Facial recognition. We’re always changing, never the same. Monarch butterfly, Simone de Beauvoir. Philosophy a little over my head. Drowning in it, but trying to swim. Don’t let a thin book deceive you. Feeding at the trough of education; Some slop just doesn’t stay in the barrel. Underfeeders, bellyachers. Acres running wild on unclaimed farmland. The property lines we draw around our self and others, scampering away with every little anxious thought. Lullaby daisies smell sweet baby’s breath. Correction, notwithstanding. Actor acrobatic at the symphony orchestra. Marmalade mushrooms, incoherent daydreams, fever pitch in a wallowing swamp. Hello, Sam Christmas. Excitable eggshell walking straight on a dark and dusty Oklahoma road. Orange sky weeps for attention. Kicking the gravel all day long. Better on eggshells. These days, smoltering lava and granite spells kept close to walkers’ hearts. Marshmallow love story, soft and cushy and pillowy sweet. Remembrance on Sunday, marvel all you want at the glories of the world.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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