Round, smooth surface skipping across a round, smooth surface. The beach is littered with them. One day, far into the future, these pebbles were certainly turn to dust and sink to the bottom of some great body of water, some trash heap, or perhaps remain immaculate and still. I can imagine all of these stone eggs, all frozen from Hydra’s gaze or Medusa’s gaze – I don’t remember which. All these false hatchlings to make stone soup, like some child-like fairy tale about an old woman cooking whatever she can get her hands on, in some field trip assembly. Hear the splash of the ingredients in a broth made out of mushroom and fantasy. Stars and squiggles swirl to the top, making colorful Lisa Frank steam. For flavor only. Sabor. Gusto. These are little baby rocks who have lost their way, lost their mother. When the moon hit the Earth, or when the Earth gave birth the moon, forever in gravitational solitary confinement. You cannot appeal this case, this law and fact of Nature, Time, and Space. These are you judges and jurors. Supreme beings whom which you cannot and will not win an argument. I was wondering about pacing and pasting and pastries. Simultaneous acrobatics metal rope with shoes made of magnets. Optical delusions. Syncopated ecstasies. It hits and has different levels and peaks. Vibrating trellis. Catatonic symphony symptoms. Wriggle and shout and shake. Mount this horse high up. Pulleys and wheels, Gizmos and Gadgets. Did any of those games really help me when all I cared about was winning and building the fastest car. Wow, I now better remember and miss those games. I’ll have to do research on it again. Shudder To Think, shudder to drink. Patience is a virtue. 12 chip program, Pringles Can, thyroid gland, ampersand, Song Land. Pears in natural fruit juices in glass jars stock the shelves. Stutter and stop. Marvel and shake. Cream and crematoriums. Signs point to yes. Mind gyrates and spins. Fixated harpist, intent on plucking. Keep on plucking –

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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